astrothsknot: (fit - Jane Tomlinson Balls)
( Feb. 23rd, 2010 11:47 pm)
I hope he falls asleep soon. I'm tired and dying for my bed.

I hate cleaning something after a while. I cleaned the living room today - I was meant to be doing the bathroom as well, but a bad night's sleepa and the stress of getting Stewart out to school in the morning saw to that. I spent an hour putting stuff back in its place before I could clean the living room. It was so dusty! Get the bathroom on Thursday, when the mountain of washing has cleared a bit. SPring must be round the corner, the washing is drying faster.

I like clearing things up. I'm not a domestic goddess, but it's good for the soul to have a clean house. more room for working out or kids playing, you don't cripple yourself by standing on lego. It's also functional fitness.

I hate the mess left though. I've got a ton of crap waiting to go out in the recycling or to take to the charity shop or books to the library. I can't get on with the kitchen until then.

Tried to watch Being Human. What is it about that programme that it all goes to shit come episode six? Intro'd Mother to Spartacus:Blood and Tits. She's agreed that she must watch it forthwith.

Bit jealous of Gigglingkat. All her Grimms posts are making me wish i could get my ass writing again. Instead of Writing Gods, I got Lares.

Hold still. I missed a bit. *cleans you*


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