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( Feb. 18th, 2011 10:49 pm)
*looks round cautiously* I actually feel human today, even with the unexpected funeral (never been to an RC one. very different. The priest looked like Father Ted. They had a nice bit during communion where he said even anyone could come and recieve it but if people only wanted blessings, including non-Catholics, they were to cross their arms and he would bless them rather than offer communion. And no hymns. that was a surprise. And he kept explaining everything he was doing and a lot of prayers. Better than the one for Colin, which was a Kirk one. you'dve thought God had died, not Colin at that one.)

Short shift tomorrow and a short sleepover on Sunday. hopefully this week I can start to get on with things and stop stressing. there's a reason that zebras don't have ulcers
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absolutely not. ban it completely

mandatory sports do not encourage children to be sporty and active as they grow, indeed it turns them off activities till well into their adulthood, if they ever take them up again.

It's the family that will determine what if any a child's healthy habits will be, and what they will keep as they grow up. Children, last time I looked have no control over their lives, eating or any other habit. If the parents are active and healthy, the child will be as well (generally speaking) if the parents aren't, then the kids won't be either, especially as they get to the teen years and know what they should be doing, but can't because they have no money and no power and no chance of getting it till they leave home.

All gym does to fat kids is embarrass them further, at a time when they have no self esteem and and no chance of changing things.

further to that, the range of sports in schools is horribly limited. It in no way represents the sheer range of activities that are out there. those limits put kids off finding something they like and may well be good at.

I'd ban PE in favour of a holistic approach to HEALTHY LIVING and ACTIVITY across the whole curriculum rather than the disjointed system we have now. teach chidren how to eat healthy on a budget, right from the off. Make playground equipment and games available to kids, so that keeping fit is fun, rather than watching the class elephant blunder around in dodgeball.

No one deserves that to be their memory of school sports

(I was never the class elephant, rather someone who hated school enforced PE preferring cycling and walking to hockey in the rain and being told these rules of tennis - "That's your racquet, there's the ball, you'll all have to share the court."

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