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( Sep. 26th, 2010 02:44 am)
It's been a busy week, running round catching up with myself and Stewart managed to spend a whole week in school. It must be a record.

However, there is still time for Telly. I really miss being fannish and writing long involved metas.

spoilers and thoughts )
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( Sep. 10th, 2010 09:45 pm)
Everything I said about Maggie Quigley? I take back. All of it. Sometimes I like being wrong

I enjoyed Nikita. Fancy that! )
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( Sep. 4th, 2010 10:04 pm)
Looks like I'll be adding Nikita to my dance card, along with Hellcats. It's starting to look like all CW, all the time

Just to remind us of the original

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( Jan. 28th, 2010 09:32 pm)
went gym yesterday. Still can't do shoulder press. Went over to free wieghts area and finished there later. Today walked 10k and went for a smear. I went for a pelvc once and the nurse found an earring up there.

Never quite figured that one out.

Where the hell did she put her cigarette?

This has me excited. Hopefully it'll be so bad it's good (Like SPARTACUS: BLOOD & TITS!!!) or it'll shock us all by being a thoughtful, nuanced, reflective drama on the CW. Sorry, I couldn't type that with a straight face

Here's a thought - isn't Kripke only signed to SPN for this last year? Isn't it getting handed over to someone else for S6? Doesn't a development deal mean he'll actually have to come up with new dramas? This is being done by McG and Wonderland Productions, so could this be be Kripke's next project?

Naturally, though, this new series is the DOOM OF US ALL.

See that annoys me. There's room for all of the reboots and remakes and rip-offs. You can like them both. You can hate them both. You can love one or the other.

How on Earth does a remake sully the original? It's not like it's going to jump off the TV and delete your downloads and hide your DVDs under the patio. If it's that bad, I still got the originals and can say, "Row 8, Plot 30 for you!"

It could be awesome. In which case, I get two fantastic series to fangirl. It's not Timecop. They won't cancel each other out if they occupy the same space.


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