huh. Seven's letting me embed stuff.

Is Martha allergic to being single? RUN LIAM! RUN! You saw what she did with the last two!!
At least Lia's men only end up crippled.

And how commitment-shy is Charlie? Christ, Angelo, what have you done to the poor girl?

Dear Brain,

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( Oct. 25th, 2009 11:28 am)
Blade Trinity was on last night. I haven't laughed that much in ages.

Went swimming with Stewart. Well, I swam, Stewart moaned about everythng from the number of small kids in the pool (five down the shallow end and four adults) to the temperature and then decided to spend 45 minutes in the showers, while I swam. He's been told if he doesn't actually swim on a regular basis, I'm cancelling his membership. I can find a use for that £12 if he won't.

he wasn't happy.

CLocks went back so yippee! an extra hour in my bed.

He's playing the condenmed 2 demo. It looks shit.

Weird crossover time! My brain decided to entertain me with an SPN/H&A crossover, with offscreen Neighbours and All Saints. Nicole, in her ongoing attempts to get with/stalk Dr Sid, got knocked up with Liam the Rock Star's baby and they're pretending to have this happy life together, but it's all for the cameras and Sid will only see her as her doctor. She feels awful about the pretence when she sees all the happy women having their babies.

meanwhile, two brothers in an American car book into the Summer Bay Caravan Park, Dean bitching over how Aussies drive on the wrong side of the road, Sam discussing the case and Aussie history.

For some reason the Caravan Park is filled with Fifties silver trailers, rather than the ones that British fans will know.

Then a massive storm hits Summer Bay, complete with comets and meteors and it's all something to do with the Angels trying to destroy the powers of the Aborigine and Pacific Gods who were holding back the Apocolypse in the Southern Hemisphere and it was looking to be awesome BUT I FUCKING WOKE UP!!!
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( Sep. 10th, 2009 01:47 am)
Stewart's laughing at me because I'm crying my eyes at Belle dying in Aden's arms on h&a.
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( Sep. 5th, 2009 03:13 am)
Smoosh names. don't you just hate love them?

Still, better than Destiel.

(I'm a wreck. I've been watching Aden/Belle vids for the past four hours and spoilers for UK eps and I'm sobbing my shippy little heart out. Todd Lascence angsts so prettily)
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( Aug. 31st, 2009 09:15 am)
H&A is back tonight!!! I get to drool over Aden being angsty and hot with his EPIC MANPAIN!

Sorry, Jensen, Jared, Aussies do it better.

(I need H&A icons)
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( Jun. 25th, 2009 10:12 am)
Hugo's an undercover cop, isn't he? It was so wierd when Xavier said, "I thought we'd be moving out," (considering it's Martha's house!) and Hugo replies, "Why would we move?"

I know he's connected to this mystery, but I thought he was smuggling or something. Now I think he's investigating.

ROMAN HARRIS, WTF??? Surely the army has some protocol for when someone goes batshit behind enemy lines and you have no choice but to do something extreme? Roman couldn't shoot the landrover, they needed that.

I know the actor wanted out, but there were better ways. To the Fic Mobile!
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( Jun. 6th, 2009 12:14 pm)
Dear Brain,

I'm trying to porn


and you keep giving me


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( May. 30th, 2009 02:00 am)
Dear Brain,

Please stop writing H&A au fic and Flashpoint au fic. Especially as you won't let me get it down.

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( May. 28th, 2009 12:24 am)
I am strong enough to move settees around the house without noticing it.

I'm going to try keeping a food diary.

I'm eating all my birthday sweets.

I'm getting a nice shiny new HD with my birthday cash. I'll take suggestions for names in the comments.

Mum gets a new settee tomorrow. It's the same as mine, but a different colour.

These sweets are really nice.

I need to upload new icons. More Primeval!

Roman's mate is a dick, but he's entertaining. That fight was funny as fuck. I don't trust Hugo. Trey's not a dick, who'd have thought? Since when did Ruby and Nicole become friends?

NO BILL TOMORROW!! How will I survive? No Primeval this week, either. They've bumped it for Britain exploits the Lame and Insane.

Oh, my GOD. Helen Cutter, ILU.

Dear Wullie, please end your holiday and save us from Jen. She cannae run an orgy in a brothel. There was a guy in reception this morning taking a funny turn. Three of us took a look at him and said 999. Jen begins calling NHS 24. Dave comes in because the guy's fitting and moaning and says 999 and that's when she calls the ambulance.

And she doesn't know where the cover list is when folk are off. She didn't even know there was one.

I'm sick of DLAs.
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( May. 19th, 2009 11:27 pm)
yay! ANGELO!!

Dear Shark,

I don't like Hugo either.

Dear Charlie,

Please sleep with Tall, Dark and Handsome. Yes, I only want to see him with his shirt off and you appear to be Summer Bay's bike the go-to-girl in that regard.

Please keep him away from Martha. She'll potionate him or whatever. because there's no other explaination for why every penis falls for her. I blame Colleen and Leah. God knows what they cook up in that diner. I bet that's why Roman's blind. They hexed him because he found out.

At least Angelo won't be...Actually, I wouldn't put anything passed Martha-Sue.

Dear Aden,

If the script required it and it was tastefully done, would you consider keeping your clothes on for a role?
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( May. 15th, 2009 10:29 pm)
Dear H&A producers,

What the fuck are you thinking?


PS Stop hiring fugly guys. It's turning into Walford down there. And stop making Charlie's life a misery.

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( May. 2nd, 2009 12:17 am)
Priscilla Ahn is a lovely singer.

Please tell me that the Aden and Nicole spoilers aren't true? Pwease? There just is't enough brain bleach for that idea.

Christ, Charlie, did you not think about how it would look with Joey? Yes, it was a gross breach of trust. On the other hand watching you lurch from one mess to another is highly entertaining. As was Ruby finding out you were dancing up the other end of the ballroom. But Hugo?

Keep going Kirstie. You're another one who's their own worst enemy. Why is everyone missing the point that Trey pushed Kirstie in her own house? Jai, sweetie, that picture totally needs to go around the school.

There wasn't enough half-nekkid Roman. What's the bet that Trey is the next woobie?

Dreamwidth folks, let me know who you are, so's I can find you over there. I me an account there.
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( Apr. 4th, 2009 11:01 pm)
Primeval just did an ep that had virtually no Cutter.

And it worked brilliantly. I can't fucking wait for next week. OMG, the ARC!!!

See Lilith? Helen is a badder ass than a demon.


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