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( Feb. 3rd, 2011 08:10 pm)
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My window's leaking again in the rain
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( Dec. 9th, 2010 11:24 pm)
I'm tired of not getting in till 9pm and never getting anything done.

more fun from training -

to illustrate that people with autism don't understand social appropriateness - an autistic teen went home at weekends and went out with his twin. They hang out with his friends and there's banter as one of the girls is wearing a thong above her jeans. Normal twin waits till she leans down and gives her a wedgie.

Later that week, autistic twin is in Boots with his support worker, when a customer in jeans and a thong bends down...

On the importance of reading the case file - just arrived in that unit, a client says he goes the shops every Thursday. Unit's busy, so support worker takes him out, where he proceeds to stick his fingers in the yoghurts and open all the bottles and juggling the eggs. turns out the client has a thing for being the first to open packaging...and he's in a supermarket...

on the importance of removing tantruming clients from the room so they can't set off other clients - Client broke down at Waverly with all the people and start to attack people, so the support workers used a 2-man hold on the client. The other client watched for a minute, then decided to take off his shoes and start hitting the support workers over the head, while singing Baa baa Black Sheep.

The police were nearby, laughing their asses off and loudly wondering if Harry Hill would like the CCTV footage.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2010 11:50 pm)
I'm exhausted. Really, really bone tired. I blame trudging everywhere through the snow. It took me an hour to get round two shops one street apart, then go for the bus. I wasn't even yapping in the butchers for that long either. I like that about small local shops - they know you. When I'm a bit short in my purse she's all "Look, I'll see you or your dad (he shops there too)before next week. I'll get it off one of you then." and then scolds me when I appear ten minutes later with the rest. Sometimes the end of the meat appears in my order at no extra charge "because it would only go in the mince anyway" and when you point out it is mince, I get, "Your laddie's a growing boy. Needs his meat." Now I just say thanks and ask about her grandaughter.

I got boots yesterday and whilst they're great, only £25, they're pressing into my ankles, which feel bruised and it's painful to walk, even when they're off. I had this for a while with my last pair of boots that died 20 metres up a tree. I imagine when my body is used to wearing boots again it'll wear off. it's been nearly two years since I last had boots. maybe they'll actually see hills this time around.

Still cold and snowy here. It's too cold to do anything, even when I've gone and put the heating on in my room, by the time it's heated up I'm glued to that radiator and I ain't moving. they say the worst has passed and now it'll be a ten day melt, as temps aren't going up much, from -22 to 1 degree C.

Work is really interesting. we've done the boring stuff "this is how you fill in your timesheet" and H&S, client protection (not in as much detail as I'd have liked) self protection on the job and intro to autism. It's all very interesting. There's another week of it. I'll need to see about picking up some more shifts, as timesheets go in early this month and that means Jan is going to be a long skint month.

I need to get back writing, I fell away with getting used to work and this week has numbed my brain, but we'll see. My brain decided to retell the film "The Main Event" with Jean-Claude Van Damme. (brain we need to have words. Jason Stratham, brain. Stratham. You were there when I watched Transporter 2?) and cage-fighting.

story from course - One of the clients was in Tesco and saw a woman in niquaab and yells "WATCH OUT! NINJA!"
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( Nov. 27th, 2010 11:21 am)
Oh noes, it snowed and I have to cycle to work in the snow. Fantastic.

In other news, house, why you so messy?


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